Promoting Windblown

November 7, 2021

After observing several cycles of this pandemic’s ups and downs, I have decided to resume efforts to promote my book.

Windblown; The Remarkable Life of Richard S. Buker Jr. MD; A Family Doctor is now available in hardback, paperback or e-book. Visit my website , click on “Buy Windblown” and click on “editions”to purchase the book in any of these forms.

The decision to release the e-book was recommended by a number of acquaintances. Its availability today is the stimulus for this announcement. But a larger impetus is my belief that family doctors are needed now perhaps more than ever. I intend to resume blogging on this website to expand upon my reasons for such faith in family doctors.

Meanwhile, consider purchasing the book as a special gift for medical students, resident physicians, doctors, nurses and others who are interested in health and healthcare delivery. I think Richard Buker’s story can teach us as we continue to battle COVID and prepare for future pandemics.

Larry W. Halverson, MD

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